• Mapping

    The Unique Strategic Tool

    Mapping is the best possible foundation for strategic program decisions. The study shows you how to position your existing program successfully for the long term. Mapping answers all crucial positioning questions: Which kinds of programming needs prevail in the current viewer market? Which market segments can be deducted from that? How are the segments fragmented among competitors?

  • Charisma

    Finding and Optimizing the Strengths of On-Air Personalities

    Charisma is Brand Support’s research tool that helps to create, position and brand personalities. The success of a show concept depends very much on the quality of the presenter. Presenters should receive feedback that is not only based on air checks with experts. Presenters need direct feedback from the audience and prospects for long-term motivation and success.

  • TV Show ECG

    The Research-Tool for Optimizing Any TV Show

    ‚Too long-winded‘, ‚not captivating‘, ‚bad actors‘, but also ‚thrilling tension‘, ‚great story‘ – those are typical thoughts viewers have while watching a TV show. Normally program managers cannot witness live how people are watching their TV show and what they think about it while doing so. With our research method ‚Morning Show ECG‘ viewers rate selected program excerpts live via dial systems.

  • Focus Groups

    Getting to Know the Target Audience Personally

    Besides quantitative analysis, we explore the quality of TV shows via focus groups where viewers discuss your show and the competitors. Through focus groups you gain deeper insight than from statistics and quantitative surveys alone. Especially for areas such as appeal and tonality of the show as a whole as well as of individual show elements, popularity of presenters and guests (for example of talk shows) Focus Groups provide highly interesting,


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