• Mapping

    The unique strategic tool

    Brand Support bases market segmentation on a radio audience’s programming and music preferences. Mapping, our primary sophisticated researching tool, uses the principles of market segmentation to find the ideal format for your radio station and to position its existing programs successfully for the long term. Mapping answers all of your format and positioning questions.

  • Music Tests

    Find the Best Songs for the Format

    After the strategic Mapping study the suitable songs for the target format are tested at the selected target groups. We use the following testing methods: 1. Testing current songs via Music Call-outs and 2. Checking the ‚back catalogue’ – Electronic Music Test (EMT)

  • MusicMind

    The Music Research Internet Portal

    Successful radio stations are continuously conducting various research studies (call-outs, music pool tests, online studies) in order to provide their listeners with the best music all the time. With all those tests it is easy to lose track of when which song performed how and searching for the results of a particular song can become a Sisyphean task.

  • Morningshow ECG

    The Research-Tool for Optimizing the Morning Show

    ‚Too much chatter‘, ‚interesting info‘, ‚great song‘, ‚too much self-advertisement‘, ‚great program idea‘ – those are typical thoughts people have while listening to a morning show. Normally program managers cannot witness live how people are listening to their morning show and what they think about it while listening. With our research method ‚Morning Show ECG‘ listeners rate selected program excerpts live via dial systems.

  • Focus Groups

    Getting to Know the Target Audience Personally

    Besides quantitative analysis, we explore the quality of radio stations via focus groups where listeners discuss our client’s radio station and its competitors. Through focus groups you gain deeper insight than from statistics and quantitative surveys alone. Especially for areas such as station appeal, tonality, quality of promotions and events and popularity of presenters Focus Groups provide highly interesting, fast and ...

  • BrandTracker

    Never Lose Track of Market Figures

    Complete control and risk management make BrandTracker an attractive station management tool. BrandTracking is the continuous survey, analysis and interpretation of the most important performance figures of all relevant radio stations in a given market.


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