• Mapping

    The Unique Strategic Tool

    A Lifestyle & Product Mapping is the best possible foundation for strategic product and marketing decisions. The study provides the direction to optimize and re-position products for long-term success. You will also learn from the study which latent consumer demands could be satisfied by new products and explores the most effective channels to reach intended target groups.

  • Music Tests

    Rock your Brand!

    Music is a very important yet mostly still unused marketing instrument for emotionalizing brands. Businesses which only rely on the recommendations of their advertising agency or their gut feeling, pass up enormous marketing potential. Our studies have proven that only very few brands act strategically in that area. Instead, they often use “wrong” music styles or songs, i.e. ones that are not suitable for the intended target groups.

  • Charisma

    Finding and Optimizing the Strengths of Your Brand

    Charisma is Brand Support’s research tool that helps to create, position and brand products, personalities and brands. The success of a product, brand or artist depends very much on their positioning with the target groups and the specific branding. The positioning of products, brands and personalities should not only be based on expert judgment.


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