• Format Research

    Mapping and Formats

    There are so many things you can do wrong even though you want to do everything right. But how do you find the right format? Often the music market niche is not very obvious, but still exists. The reason is that the listener does differentiate between soft rock and pop rock (without using those names). And often it is exactly those subtle nuances in an otherwise similar mix which make a format customized in a more exact and suitable way for the target audience.

  • Music Strategy

    Finding the „right“ music and planning it perfectly

    Permanent control and maintenance of the format. It is not easy to find the „right“ music. Taste is not a good advisor in finding it, but research is. When does a song really “burn”? Play it less often? More often? Stop playing it altogether? All those are questions that can be answered by conducting call-outs regularly.

  • Music Consulting

    Letting Research Results Rotate

    After mapping study and EMT the music is “set”. The format as well as the songs are clear. The computer does the rest. Wait a minute! Unfortunately (or fortunately) it is not that easy. Now the task is to make the format come alive and ensure that the music mix corresponds always and at all times to the expectations of the listeners.

  • Audio Branding

    Music is the key to successful emotionalization

    Hardly any movie or commercial can do without music. And there is a reason for that. Like no other medium music is able to touch people, make them laugh or cry or cause goosebumps. It gives the movie theater audience an idea that something bad is about to happen or lets the viewers remain absorbed in thoughts during the closing credits at the end of the movie.

  • Jingle Production

    Positive Program Support

    Music is the #1 reason to tune in for the radio medium. Therefore it is very important for a successful station to use sound packaging for the program which takes account of this fact. A professionally produced jingle package which is also tailored to the format is able to support the program positively in many aspects. In the same way, a mediocre sound packaging might do more damage than good.

  • Motionmixes

    Motionmixes - Always Emotional and Always a Perfect Match

    Integrating music into the live-programming – revolutionary, as if there were an orchestra live in the studio: that’s Motionmixes! Lee Harris (1010 WINS, New York): „Motionmixes gives 1010 WINS a very dynamic sound, it really propels our headline package forward in a busy time of a day – in the morning and also in the afternoon, when people are on their way home.


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