• Strategic Programming

    Definition of and decision about the strategic direction

    The basis for a strategic program direction normally is a mapping study. After that, bci will develop the most important factors for a long-term program strategy together with the people in charge at the station. The goal is to discuss the results of the mapping study and market research together with the program department of the station and to show possible options.

  • Music Strategy

    The „right” music is not a gut feeling

    Especially for current titles which are rotating a lot, a permanent control via call outs is important to make sure that the track is not removed too early or played too long. Both can cause harm to the station. In the first case the listeners do not get what they want (the new song which they are still happy to hear on air) and in the second case they get annoyed because a title is still played often, although its time is already over.

  • Off- and On-Air Marketing

    Promotion and campaign planning

    • Major promotion: briefing and training to planned Major-MA-Promotions with the presenters, wording, development of the strategic goals, entertainment factors and training on the promotion
    • Program campaigns: implementation of “something new every time” ideas for presentation
    • and so on
  • Program Analysis

    A status quo of the program

    The aim is to provide the station’s directors with a professionally prepared status quo of the program as well as the moderation. Based on the results, measures for optimizing can be pointed out and the program directors get an external view on the station.


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