• Hitradio Ö3 (Austria)

    Ö3 – A successful partnership for more than a decade

    „Austria’s private radios are celebrating their 10th anniversary. Against all predictions and expectations this is a reason for celebration for Ö3 as the public source of friction of all the commercial stations. This has a lot to do with the close cooperation with Brand Support. In the past years the team was often able to provide crucial orientation on our way from monopolist to predominant market leader.” Georg Spatt, Hitradio Ö3 Program Director

  • SWR3 (Germany)

    Process consulting for public hit radio

    „With the support of Christoph Pöschl and the team of Brand Support we have optimized our program and program marketing. It was a very productive and pleasant cooperation. In the shortest of time we were able to regain several 100,000 listeners.” Gerold Hug, SWR 3 Program Director

  • Radio Expres (Slovakia)

    'From Zero to Hero' in Slovakia

    "With the help of Brand Support, Radio Expres went in less than 5 years from 'worst to first' in the Slovak radio market. On our way from 1% market share in 2001 to 27% in 2007 the team has always supported us with their expertise and friendship. The secret behind this very successful co-operation is that Brand Support is not only a group of highly profiled consultants, but great guys who put their hearts and soul into the project." Ivan Antala, Radio Expres Program Director

  • Antena Zagreb (Croatia)

    Antena Zagreb (Croatia)

    Antena Zagreb launched in May 2008. It was complete rebrand of Obiteljski radio, 10 years old radio station broadcasting in wider Zagreb area. We were one of top 3 radio stations in Zagreb, best and biggest market in Croatia – all had similar share of about 12% to 15%. Our goal with rebranding was to reach top market position in Zagreb with 18% share within one year.

    With the support of Brand Support that goal was reached 3 months after relaunch.

  • Radio 1 (Slovenia)

    Private station #1 in Slovenia only 6 months after the launch

    "How hard can it be to transform a number of second rate radio stations into the number one private owner radio station in the country? With Brand Support it seemed like a piece of cake. These guys showed us how to improve what needed improvement, and helped us make Radio 1 a true number 1."

    Andrej Vodušek, Radio 1 Program Director

  • MTV (Europe)

    Strategic Projects for MTV Europe

    "Over the past few years, MTV has worked with the key personnel from Brand Support on a number of strategic and positioning projects in several international markets. We value both their objectivity and experience, and feel that the insights provided by them have consistently helped in the development of our businesses."

    Graham Saxton, Vice President of Strategy & Development MTV Networks Europe

  • RTL Group (Europe)

    RTL Radio relies on Brand Support

    "For RTL Radio the collaboration with Brand Support has proven to be highly successful. The high quality of their work and their unique way of thinking have made a truly valuable contribution in improving a number of our stations."

    Gert Zimmer, Senior Vice President RTL Group Radio Central & Northern Europe, CEO RTL Radio Deutschland

  • Emmis International (USA)

    USA goes Europe – Research Partner for Emmis International

    "Brand Support combines the competitive DNA of U.S. research firms with the sophistication to understand the complicated media environments abroad. Like fine wine, they 'travel well'!"

    Paul Fiddick, President Emmis International (USA)

  • Astral Media Radio Inc. (Canada)

    Successful new strategies for the french-canadian stations of Astral Media

    "Les études de marché fourni par Brand Support sont des outils de travail extraordinaires pour les radiodiffuseurs!! Elles sont complêtes et uniques! Elles nous permettent de prendre des décisions éclairées et d'agir avec une précision chirurgicale dans nos plans d'action."

    Charles Benoit, Executive Vice-President Astral Media Radio Inc. (Canada)

  • ORF 2 (Austria)

    Optimized news format for ORF Television

    „For us the charisma study is of a special value as it combines hard facts with the soft skills of a program. Otherwise we deal with journalistic content and the dramaturgy of a program. The charisma study tells us what image we create with the target group and whether desire and reality coincide. A tool I don’t want to and I cannot do without these days.”

    Stefan Ströbitzer, Info Director ORF 2 Television

  • ORF (Austria)

    Reliable radio research for public broadcasters

    „For more than half a decade the ORF radio research has found in Christoph Pöschl and his team a competent and reliable research partner. The inputs and method innovations concerning music and program research brought us new impulses for our task to support the ORF stations in securing their market position.”

    Mag. Sigrid Svitek, CEO Radio Research ORF Media Research

  • Sunmedia (Czech Republic)

    Radio strategies for Czech's local radio stations

    "The Sun Media Group has started with the repositioning of 50 local stations in the Czech radio market. To get this major task done successfully, we chose Brand Support as the best music research partner. We appreciate their excellent know how, splendid results, manpower and their personal approach. For us, Brand Support is a quality gurantee to build a strong and long-term success position in the Czech radio market." Michal Sroka, Group PD Sun Media Group


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